Monday, April 30, 2007

Lazaurs Wins the Grand Prize

On Saturday, the City of New Braunfels had a Doggie Dip day where dogs were allowed in the Spring Fed pool at Landa Park. It is my estimation that this was DOG HEAVEN for the dogs who attended. Lazarus spent 99% of his time swimming and Moses swam about half of the time while running at large the other half. Needless to say, both boys had a WONDERFUL time at the event. A special thank you to the City of New Braunfels Park Department for putting it on.

The big news from the Doggie Dip day was that Lazarus won grand prize at the Trick Contest. He showed off his sit, shake, high five, stay, come, heel and sit all without a treat! He was so happy to show everyone all the things he could do, he won everyone there over. What a sweetheart. Moses also participated with his sit and shake. He did a very good job as well, but Lazarus won the GRAND PRIZE and got a bag full of doggie goodies. We are so proud of him!

Other notable events were Lazie swimming over to the platform in the middle of the pool (farther than any other dog), Moses stealing a very little pair of shorts that ironically had some treats in the pocket (Approx 2T in size). Moses stealing a stuffed animal from an infant and Lazie showing off his jumping/diving skills in the pool. A good time was had by all!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


It was so good and chewy. I sank my incisors right into the fun plastic part. I thought maybe if I chewed hard enough, Dad would talk to me! Also tasty, was Dad's fun cowhide toy that wrapped around the phone and hanged off his belt. I don't know why he wanted to wear a chew toy on his belt, but he finally took it off and I found it and ate it!



Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Trip to AAG Conference

We spent a few days in San Francisco to attend the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting where Kevin presented in two different sessions. It was a short trip and we stayed in the evenings with Sean and Tracey who live near Golden Gate Park. It was great to see them, and to be in a place where I fit in better, ideologically speaking.

The conference was a success and session attendees noted that Kevin's session regarding technology in Urban Geography was the most useful session they had been to in years. He was also able to speak about the Neo-liberal city in his paper session along with 9 other presenters in a special organized session.

We skipped out on the conference to do a few fun things like eat in Chinatown, go to the beach at Ocean Beach (the end of the Judah line near Tracey and Sean's place) and catch a San Francisco Giant's game (the one of three where Barry Bonds didn't hit a homerun). We FROZE at the game and I think my North Dakota tolerance for cold is wearing off.

We were happy to get back to Lazarus, Moses and Sarah though and get back to the normal routine.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Crossroads Americana Party

On Sunday, KNBT 92.1 (Radio New Braunfels) held a free concert in Landa Park. Julie, Sarah, the Boys, and I decided to go because it was a perfect day and Two Tons of Steel was slated to perform. The park was very crowded, so we parked at the Panther Canyon Trailhead and walked down the Canyon to the pavillion. Laz and Mosi were very excited and it took them about an hour to calm down. We were so proud of Lazie though because he usually does not like amplified music at all. The concert was fun, but the best thing was when they drew the grand prize which was a free trip to Puerto Vallarta. They announced the winner at it was "Julie Romig of New Braunfels!" She claims that she will take me, but nevertheless I am excited for her. Julie works next to Ascot Travel and entered seven times. She can tell you more details, but we are off to California tomorrow for a conference. The Boys will be at home with Sarah. We are hoping for the best...

The pictures are:
Two Tons of Steel performing
Julie and Sarah at the concert
Moses eyeing the food of Mr. Jackson who he met and befriended at the concert. (mainly because of his cheese he shared with him and Laz.)


Monday, April 16, 2007

More Play at Red Bud Isle

After the Dog Walk and the great Chinese food lunch, Mom and Dad took us to Red Bud Isle! I love it because I can act pretty wild and I don't get in trouble! I played with a bulldog mix pretty rough and wore myself out. Laz was busy swimming and playing fetch, but it was a bit too cold for me to swim very much. I preferred to root around in all the paths and run. You can tell who was wet in the pictures! Anyway, Saturday was such an amazing day, and the best part was Sarah came late in the day! I love having company at our house. It is just another couple pair of hands to pet me and love me! Also, I hope that you notice my new Hot Pink collar that I picked out myself. My coolness transcends basic stereotypes!


Mighty Texas Dog Walk

On Saturday, we participated in the Mighty Texas Dog Walk that included more than 3000 Dogs in Austin. It benefited the Service Dogs of Texas and the event raised over $80,000 for that wonderful organization. I even made friends with one of the service dogs who was a Black Lab that was even bigger than me. He did not like many of the other dogs, but we got a long fine. We walked three miles, got a lot of treats, and had numerous sniffs. I was so excited! The rumor is that we broke a Guinness Record for the largest Dog Walk. After walking three miles, Mom and Dad went to Pei Wei and me and Mosi got a little Sweet and Sour Chicken, Rice, and fortune cookie. I love Chinese food! The pictures are of: me riding in the car up to Austin, Mom and us along the walk, and Dad and us after finishing the walk. The weather was great too. It was about 50 degrees with a stiff wind. It felt like good old North Dakota!

Your pal,


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Yellow Rose of Texas

Kevin has planted some roses and the first one has bloomed...

Go Spurs Go!!

Kevin and I had the opportunity to sit 13 rows from the floor at last night's Spurs game against the Super Sonics. We received tickets from some friends who were going to be out of town. It was a fun time and we enjoyed seeing the players up close. There were, however, many people there not interested in the game at all who were sitting around us. I can't figure out why people would have such expensive tickets if they didn't want to watch the game. Anyway, I tried to take a few pictures, but it was difficult, so here is what I got. The Spurs won 110 to 91!!!


Promoting Pawverbs

On Palm Sunday, I got to go to church with Mom and Dad. It was a special day because the church was introducing all the small groups. I guess since I am a Pet Host for Pawverbs, Mom and Dad let me come help invite people. We didn't want to hurt Moses' feelings so I had to sneak out. Dad left the front door open and after Moses went in in kennel, I looked out the front door and I saw Dad say I could come out, and I quietly ran out and jumped in the car...It was so FUN! Then we went to church and got to stand where everyone had to walk by us to go in. I loved meeting all the people (especially those with treats...funny that they all had exactly the same kind of treats)

There was also a video that the church played that Moses was in. I did not watch it though because I do not like microphones and speakers, so I did not want to be inside at that time. Dumb ol' Moses is in the video at:

Go Pawverbs!