Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Promoting Pawverbs

On Palm Sunday, I got to go to church with Mom and Dad. It was a special day because the church was introducing all the small groups. I guess since I am a Pet Host for Pawverbs, Mom and Dad let me come help invite people. We didn't want to hurt Moses' feelings so I had to sneak out. Dad left the front door open and after Moses went in in kennel, I looked out the front door and I saw Dad say I could come out, and I quietly ran out and jumped in the car...It was so FUN! Then we went to church and got to stand where everyone had to walk by us to go in. I loved meeting all the people (especially those with treats...funny that they all had exactly the same kind of treats)

There was also a video that the church played that Moses was in. I did not watch it though because I do not like microphones and speakers, so I did not want to be inside at that time. Dumb ol' Moses is in the video at:

Go Pawverbs!


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