Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In memorium, Verna Juska

Our pack was saddened to hear of Verna Juska's passing last night. As Christians, we celebrate her life and her reunion with her loving husband Felix who died in 1974 and their Cairn Terrier Archie who has been gone for about 17 years in Heaven. At the same time, we reflect on such a wonderful life filled with unconditional love, unselfishness, and tireless giving. She served as the unpaid Office Manager of the Adelphi Presbyterian Church for about 30 years and was one of the bright spots in that somewhat uninspiring congregation. She was a great family friend who hosted a Thanksgiving feast every two years for families that shared bonds through the Beltsville Research Station of the USDA where her husband and my grandfather worked together as PhD agronomists. Long after Felix passed and my grandfather had changed jobs, the Juska home hosted a great holiday feast. Julie got to experience one of these feasts which makes me happy. My early birthday parties were always given a boost when Verna and Archie would come by. Archie was always the "life" of family parties. When my Dad died in 1995, it was Verna who stepped in and took control of the tedious calling and making sure all the details were taken care of immediately after his passing. I had to make the dreaded call to my Dad's mother, but Verna took care of the rest. She also recently hosted Julie and I when we spent a week in Maryland this past August. I look back now and unbelievably cherish that time spent with her, and we thanked her for her hospitality by giving her yellow roses as a sign of love from us Texans.

It is hard to imagine how someone you aren't related to can have such a positive impact on your life. While us mortals are pained in losing a friend, I am comforted in the wonderfulness of her terrestrial life and am confident of her joyful welcome into God's Kingdom.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Texas State Tailgate

On Thursday, we decided to go to the Texas State football game against the rival Sam Houston State. David came along and made a pot roast for the tailgate which was great especially in the colder weather. We ate and talked for a while and then went over to meet Dr. Augustin and had a drink with him on our way into the stadium. Notice, I came prepared with my "game face" on. We had good seats-- 9 rows up on the 41 yard line. Texas State played really well for 3 quarters but blew a 14 point lead and lost by one point. The game was exciting though and Julie enjoyed using her foam paw for indicating when Texas State earned a first down. Because of scheduling conflicts, it was the first game we went to, but it was the last game on their schedule. On Thanksgiving night, the big game will be Arizona State versus USC.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mosi's fun weekend

I had a fun weekend. On Friday, me and Laz got to go with Mom to the make-up counter at Saks 5th Avenue again. Some of the ladies remembered me from last year and remarked at how I have grown into a nice doggie. I got bored though after about 10 minutes. Dad was bored 2 or 3 minutes later, but Lazie just kept on trying to get over to Mom and all the other ladies to see what they were up to. On Saturday, I wasn't feeling so hot so Dad cooked some Chicken noodle soup for dinner and he shared it with me and Laz. I love soup! It is so good when it is poured over our kibble in our food bowl. Then on Sunday, I got to go to church and participate in the service. Mom took me up during kid's time and I modeled as the pastor talked about a girl in San Marcos who needs a seizure dog as a therapeutic friend. I was very interested in the guitars and the donuts Mom had in her hand, but I let the kids pet me who wanted to pet me. It was a great weekend-- except for my untimely bath that I got Sunday night after I had rolled in something. Laz just stood back as far away as possible as to not get sprayed. I thought he was a water dog! Anyway, have a good week!


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Gracie the houseguest!

Last night a sweet beagle puppy came over. She was lost and Moses and I told her she could stay at our house. Dad brought her inside and she was so thirsty. When Mom came home, we ran out to tell her that we had a guest. Dad carried her outside and Mom gave her a big hug. I was secretly hoping that she wouldn't finish all her dinner, but she ate every morsel. She must have been hungry because she isn't very big. She is a really small beagle. I really didn't mind having her around though. She minded me and didn't act too crazy or anything. Mom just kept saying how "tolerant" she was, whatever that means. She snuggled with Dad on the couch and slept in the bedroom with us on a pillow. She slept next to Moses and stayed out of my sleeping area. Since we didn't know her name, Mom and Dad called her Toots.

This morning on our walk, we stopped and visited Shoes and Socks, also beagles. I have never seen shoes and socks so excited, they knew they looked alike. I took that opportunity to check out Shoes and Socks' living area. It's nice, and I liked their igloo. Anyway, our friend Nancy seemed to recognize "Gracie" and helped us find her Mom. She was happy to go home, but I think she had a good time with us too! (Especially since I was such a good boy). It turns out that she has a younger Chocolate Lab brother named Duke. That must be why she liked me and followed me around. I made sure to keep an eye on her while she stayed with us.

For my efforts, I got to have some fabulous Americone Dream Ice Cream. It is Stephen Colbert's favorite ice cream and I like him.

Your Pal,

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Uncle Visit

I got to finally meet my uncle, Christopher. It was nice that I got to see him last week, and he spent one night at our house. I love house guests and if they want, they can always get a warm and wet greeting from me in the morning, as I like to give kisses. We went on a walk together and played some football until Moses bit the ball and popped it. He can be so annoying! Anyway, we had a lot of fun, and I look forward to the next time we have visitors!

Your pal,