Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mosi's fun weekend

I had a fun weekend. On Friday, me and Laz got to go with Mom to the make-up counter at Saks 5th Avenue again. Some of the ladies remembered me from last year and remarked at how I have grown into a nice doggie. I got bored though after about 10 minutes. Dad was bored 2 or 3 minutes later, but Lazie just kept on trying to get over to Mom and all the other ladies to see what they were up to. On Saturday, I wasn't feeling so hot so Dad cooked some Chicken noodle soup for dinner and he shared it with me and Laz. I love soup! It is so good when it is poured over our kibble in our food bowl. Then on Sunday, I got to go to church and participate in the service. Mom took me up during kid's time and I modeled as the pastor talked about a girl in San Marcos who needs a seizure dog as a therapeutic friend. I was very interested in the guitars and the donuts Mom had in her hand, but I let the kids pet me who wanted to pet me. It was a great weekend-- except for my untimely bath that I got Sunday night after I had rolled in something. Laz just stood back as far away as possible as to not get sprayed. I thought he was a water dog! Anyway, have a good week!


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