Monday, March 31, 2008

Canoe Trip on San Marcos River

On Saturday, Julie and I participated in the 1st Annual Jim Kimmel Honorary Canoe Trip. This was organized by the department of Geography and tied into the Common Experience theme of Texas State which is "A River Runs Through Us." Dr. Kimmel, pictured in the red inflatable kayak, is an expert on the San Marcos River and led us through a six mile stretch of the River which has been designated a State Paddlers Trail near Luling. Our group numbered about thirty and we looked like a flotilla at the beginning, but the group spaced apart along the route. The trip took about 2.5 hours with a 15 minute stop for Julie to have a snack. Julie and I shared a canoe. I was in the rear and charted our course and Julie provided useful front propulsion. While we felt a bit guilty for not bringing our water dogs on the trip, our feelings of guilt quickly subsided after we saw cottonmouth snakes swimming along the bank of the river. At that point, Julie made a proclamation about only swimming in river water close to the springs or the source of the water where fewer water snakes congregate. After we had finished the canoe trip, our group stopped in for a meal at Luling City Market which is widely considered one of the top barbecue joints in Texas. We shared a heap of brisket and pork ribs which was excellent! It was a great day.


Monday, March 24, 2008


He is risen...
He is risen indeed!

We had a nice Easter. We ate dinner with Ellen, Ross and Jack, and Ellen prepared an "Easter Egg Hunt" for the boys. Jack was an excellent finder of Easter Eggs and Laz and Moses needed a little help!

Now and Then

This is Kevin last Saturday night at the Rampage Game with his dogs Lazaurs and Moses.

That was Kevin with Suzie, his canine buddy when he was just a pup himself.

What cuties!

Pucks and Paws

Mom and Dad took us to a real hockey game on Saturday. We got to park in a special place and there were lots of dogs and people waiting to greet us there. I was so excited to go into the area where lots of tables were set up and people had treats for me. After we walked around for a little while, I started to get hot and we went inside this huge building. It was nice and cool in there. We went inside another area and I saw ice! I haven't seen ice since I lived in North Dakota. I used to play hockey and actually met some of the Fighting Sioux team when dad had them in his class! They liked me because I was a cute pup. Go Sioux!

I personally did not like this interior area. The music was WAY too loud for my ears and I tried to back out of my collar and run out. Unfortunately, Mom must have suspected I would do this because I had my no slip collar on...I didn't even notice her put it on in all my excitement to get inside. See my picture of me hiding under the chairs. We had good seats though! Moses seemed to like watching the game. He sat right next to Dad and watched the players skate and hit the puck. I guess the music didn't bother him, but I sure didn't like it.

Mom took me back outside and entered me in a fastest return contest. Mom walked across the stage and everyone watched how fast I came to her when she called me. The audience gasped at my speed. I am really good at coming back to her when she calls. I always get a treat for it too! Mom said she was proud because there were lots of distractions and I was very focused on returning to her when she called me.

All in all, it was a fun night!

-Your pal, Laz

Monday, March 17, 2008

Florida Trip

I made my somewhat usual trip to Florida for Spring Break this year. I got to go to two Spring Training Baseball games with one being to Vero Beach to see the Dodgers in their last year at Dodgertown. I also went to the beach once and did some body surfing. I also spent time with my Mom and Uncle and we all went to an antique auto show on Saturday morning. Not surprisingly, my favorite vehicle was this vintage scooter from the 1960s. The weather was great while I was there, but I was glad to return home and be back with the pack.