Monday, March 24, 2008

Pucks and Paws

Mom and Dad took us to a real hockey game on Saturday. We got to park in a special place and there were lots of dogs and people waiting to greet us there. I was so excited to go into the area where lots of tables were set up and people had treats for me. After we walked around for a little while, I started to get hot and we went inside this huge building. It was nice and cool in there. We went inside another area and I saw ice! I haven't seen ice since I lived in North Dakota. I used to play hockey and actually met some of the Fighting Sioux team when dad had them in his class! They liked me because I was a cute pup. Go Sioux!

I personally did not like this interior area. The music was WAY too loud for my ears and I tried to back out of my collar and run out. Unfortunately, Mom must have suspected I would do this because I had my no slip collar on...I didn't even notice her put it on in all my excitement to get inside. See my picture of me hiding under the chairs. We had good seats though! Moses seemed to like watching the game. He sat right next to Dad and watched the players skate and hit the puck. I guess the music didn't bother him, but I sure didn't like it.

Mom took me back outside and entered me in a fastest return contest. Mom walked across the stage and everyone watched how fast I came to her when she called me. The audience gasped at my speed. I am really good at coming back to her when she calls. I always get a treat for it too! Mom said she was proud because there were lots of distractions and I was very focused on returning to her when she called me.

All in all, it was a fun night!

-Your pal, Laz

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