Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Magellan's Bracketology

Some of you not on facebook may not know that Magellan is an expert on college sports. He has his own independent college football poll, and now is doing his own bracketology which is predicting what the Men's NCAA tournament brackets will look like. This is his second iteration so far this season, and watch Sunday evening to see how he does at prognosticating the tournament pairings. Teams in ALL CAPS are or will be the conference automatic bid.

#1 seeds: KANSAS, Kentucky, SYRACUSE, DUKE
#2 seeds: Kansas State, West Virginia, OHIO STATE, New Mexico
#3 seeds: Villanova, Butler, Michigan State, TEMPLE
#4 seeds: Purdue, Baylor, VANDERBILT, Pittsburgh
#5 seeds: Tennessee, Maryland, Wisconsin, UTEP
#6 seeds: Gonzaga, Marquette, Brigham Young, NORTHERN IOWA
#7 seeds: CALIFORNIA, Unlv, CORNELL, Texas A & M
#8 seeds: Missouri, Florida State, Georgetown, Wake Forest
#9 seeds: ST MARY'S, Richmond, Louisville, Clemson
#10 seeds: Arizona State, OLD DOMINION, Texas, San Diego St
#11 seeds: Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Xavier
#12 seeds: South Florida, SIENA, UTAH STATE, Memphis
#13 seeds: MURRAY ST, KENT ST, Mississippi, SAM HOUSTON ST
#14 seeds: MORGAN ST, Washington, WEBER ST, WOFFORD
#17 seed: WINTHROP

Last 4 in: Washington, Mississippi, Memphis, South Florida
First 4 out: Portland, Akron, Mississippi State, UAB

Beef tasting party

Hi. On Friday, we hosted a beef tasting between different products. Mom ordered some grass-fed beef from a producer in Seminole, Texas Texas Grass Beef, Dad picked up some steak at the Bon Ton meat market in Uhland, Texas, and Dad also bought steak at HEB. They had one ribeye and one top sirloin. We invited four other people and Brooke over for the party. Each person sampled from all three plates. The meat market and grassfed were clearly better than the grocery store steak. Most people preferred the meat market steak, but Mom and Dad both liked the grassfed beef. Us dogs liked it all! We got the left-overs!! It was fabulous!! Support local food if you'd like and visit the link for the Grassfed Beef .

Your pal,