Saturday, June 09, 2012

Our cabin in New Mexico

On May 25, 2012, our pack purchased a cabin in Otero County, New Mexico near Cloudcroft. It is a cabin built in 1965, and we had to do a lot of minor renovations. We tore up all the flooring, did some exterior painting, and had a new septic system installed. We plan to spend the summers up at our cabin and the school year in San Marcos. We have been here three weeks and so far, Magellan seems to like the surroundings the best. Now, the Lincoln National Forest is "his backyard." Lazarus really likes the cooler temperatures and Moses is honing his excellent skills as a trail guide (pictured). We feel very blessed at the opportunity to live this kind of life. We all need a respite after a long season of teaching and volunteering. Lazarus is the cabin's concierge and invites any of his friends up for a visit. The Romig Pack