Tuesday, April 30, 2013

End of the academic year

Today marks the end of another academic year at Texas State.  It was the year of many firsts: the first year that I had tenure, the first year of Julie working and teaching in the department, and the first year that I officially realized that I have no interest in spending my career at Texas State.  I have been disenchanted for a while and been carefully seeking other opportunities, but my friends kept encouraging me by saying that things would greatly improve once I became tenured.  This did not happen, and in fact, things actually got worse.  The dam broke during the March faculty meeting when our department received a visit from the Provost.  The Provost is generally in charge of academic affairs on campus.  In his purely disingenuous way, he described how the faculty and staff would not be receiving raises for the third out of the past four years.  He blamed the legislature.  He blamed the numbers of returning veteran students who have large tuition reductions.  He did not blame the upper administration for hiring numerous vice presidents who largely contribute very little.  After explaining the "grim" financial situation of the university in the midst of America's most robust growth area and economy, he suggested that we donate money back to the University.  Texas State has one of the worst student to faculty ratios, is run by people who clearly do not care about students, and treats faculty like dog poo.  I will not donate money so that more vice presidents of stapling papers can be hired. Anyway, we look forward to our return to New Mexico this summer, but we are already dreading returning for one more year of drudgery in San Marcos.  Please keep our pack in your thoughts and prayers as we identify a new path that most certainly will be far away from Texas State University.