Sunday, September 02, 2012

NFL Picks

We know that this is the biggest week in the Romig Pack blogosphere. Although we receive lots of feedback about dog stories, volunteering, and the life and times of the human members of the pack, the money really comes rolling in regarding our infamous NFL picks. Due to a lack of television, our picks have not at all been influenced by the Mike and Mike 2-a-days nor any large-scale sports programming. As usual, take these prognostications with a grain of salt, and please, please do not bet your life savings on these picks.

AFC East
JULIE: NY Jets, Patriots, Dolphins, Bills
KEVIN: Patriots, Bills, NY Jets, Dolphins

AFC North
JULIE: Steelers, Ravens, Bengals, Browns
KEVIN: Ravens, Bengals, Steelers, Browns

AFC South
JULIE: Colts, Texans, Jaguars, Titans
KEVIN: Texans, Titans, Colts, Jaguars

AFC West
JULIE: Chargers, Broncos, Raiders, Chiefs
KEVIN: Broncos, Raiders, Chiefs, Chargers

NFC East
JULIE: Redskins, Cowboys, NY Giants, Eagles
KEVIN: Eagles, NY Giants, Redskins, Cowboys

NFC North
JULIE: Packers, Lions, Vikings, Bears
KEVIN: Packers, Bears, Lions, Vikings

NFC South
JULIE: Falcons, Saints, Bucs, Panthers
KEVIN: Falcons, Panthers, Saints, Bucs

NFC West
JULIE: 49ers, Seahawks, Rams, Cardinals
KEVIN: 49ers, Seahawks, Rams, Cardinals

Super Bowl JULIE: NEW YORK JETS over Green Bay Packers
KEVIN: ATLANTA FALCONS over Baltimore Ravens