Wednesday, November 29, 2006


This is what I faced this morning as I was starting my last long Wednesday of the semester. I knew something was wrong when Lazarus came slinking into the bedroom with a look like, "I didn't do it." When I came to check why Moses had been surprisingly quiet for about 10 minutes, I saw the couch looking in disarray and Moses having significant evidences of guilt. I got the duct tape out to put it together so Lazarus could perch on the couch and look out the window this afternoon, but Mom will likely have to do some domestic work tonight with the needle and thread. I am sure Mosi will be blissfully in her way.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Roasting marshamallows

On Saturday night, before USC's triumphant win over Cal clinching another Pac-10 title, we toasted marshamellows over an open fire in the limestone firepit I made with extra rocks we have in and around the yard. Julie used her expertise to be the fire queen and had a couple of interested brown heads. The warm marshamellows were a bit hot for Lazie, but Mosi loved every second of it. Moses was so enchanted by the slighly carmelized white goo that he did not even run off out of our yard.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Laz at Texas State

Lazarus came in with me today. We are going to have lunch at Sonic with Julie and visit her at Remme Corp. Then, we are going over to the San Marcos River and go swimming because this might be the last day for a while in the 80s. We will then head back to New Braunfels and pick up Mosi at the vet where he had his 5th of 6 dips to heal his mainge. Laz was so excited to walk across campus and he is itching to do more exploring in the building.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Mom's new cowboy boots

We had a great weekend. Our grandparents came from Colorado and visited. We got a bunch of new sniffs, scored big time with some doggie bags, and got a lot more attention than usual. I got to play tug with Grandpa and got a lot of pets from Grandma. Moses and I even got to go to Lucy's daycare on Saunday and Mom returned with treats from North Star Mall and new cowboy boots. They are red and fun. I wanted to get in the picture as she posed, but Moses was more interested in playing with the camera in Dad's hand. I was a little sad this morning because our visitors were gone, but Dad said that it might be warm enough tomorrow to go swimming!


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cowboys, see ya!

Even though I was Bill Parcells for Halloween, I was happy to see the Cowboys beaten by the Redskins on Sunday. Julie and I stopped at Texas Stadium on our drive to Oklahoma and put a Redskins "blessing" on the stadium and the Cowboys offices. It might have worked since Dallas choked and Washington won on an improbable play. My buddy, Jim and his girlfriend Tess were at the game in Landover and he shared this picture with me. I went grocery shopping after the game proudly wearing my Redskin hat getting dirty looks from the Cowboy fans. It is fun not feeling like we live on the edge of the cultural world anymore!


Our burn

As good Texans who clear brush, we had a large-scale burn in the back portion of our property on Saturday. It was a good day with decent moisture contenet in the air and low winds. I helped gather sticks to throw into the fire, and Moses was in charge of keeping deer away. You can see him in these photos sitting at attention. He is wearing his new collar that is a more comfortable training collar. I am just happy we are doing more "rooting" around in the back part of the yard.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Trip to Oklahoma

Julie and I went on a trip to Norman, Oklahoma last weekend to attend the Southwest Division of the Association of Geographers meeting. I presented a paper on methamphetamine treatment in North Dakota that kind of closed the book on my North Dakota academic experience. Lazarus and Moses stayed at Dogboy's Dog Ranch in Pflugerville, TX and had a good time going on hikes. We also got to see some family who lives in Oklahoma City. Julie and I ate dinner at Cattleman's Cafe in Oklahoma City on Friday evening.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Julie's New Job

I have started a new job this week. Things are going well so far. I really like it and my coworkers are nice too. I get to sit near a window and my computer screen is nice and big. No more squinting at a small screen! I miss all my boys during the day, but Laz and Mos have been enjoying our morning walks. Luckily, I've been arriving around 9:00am, and that seems to be fine! I negoiated for Friday's off so I'm excited for the weekend!