Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Magellan's October thoughts

Hi Magellan here to tell you about stuff that has been happening around here. Well, our puppy, Cicero, is doing well and we are becoming good friends. We like to play tug and jump around. Moses sometimes gets jealous, but Laz doesn't really care much for the pup. Cicero even gets along well with Grace-- so that makes me the odd one out. Grace has been hanging some in her room, but a lot outside since the weather has improved. We were happy that we had some visitors last weekend. It was our grandparents we saw in New Mexico. We watched some football, and then we cooked s'mores on the deck. I love s'mores except we get ones without chocolate. We've been busy, but we're doing well.

Happy travels,


P.S. Make sure to check the video of Cicero eating at the bottom. Such a puppy!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Wild Weekend

Hi. Moses here, and I want to let you all know about the wild weekend we had. Mom and Dad came home a lot later than normal on Thursday and the rolled in with these three puppies that looked a lot like me! I had no idea what was going on. I guess they are puppies that are in our rescue organization. Anyway, we had a fun day on Friday as people came over to see the pups, and we also got to run around at Hunter and Lila's house which was super fun! Then, Brooke and one puppy went with Mom and Dad Friday night, and neither came back. Dad told me that Brookie was adopted by a super family in San Marcos and we might see her at the dog park and other places! Brooke is going to like being the big girl in a one dog family. She won't get pushed around by Laz anymore. I heard the pup just got picked up by another foster family. Then, Saturday morning, we went to meet a fun lady in a parking lot and sent along another puppy to San Antonio. Then, me, Laz, and the one remaining pup went to Petsmart!

Dad and Mom watched some lame football game, Trojans this, genius that! Anyway, we still have one puppy here. It is a male and me, Laz, and Magellan are teaching him to be a tough guy-- with a soft side. I'd say that he and Magelli are official buds, but he slept with me a little last night. I don't discriminate when it comes to sharing heat! Laz is showing him what it is to be an alpha male. He is stern but caring. I love my pack even though it is in flux. I guess that's life as a pack involved with a rescue organization. Here are some photos of the puppy. I am in one!

Sniff ya later,


Saturday, October 03, 2009

S'mores on the deck

Last night we had s'mores. I had never had them before. I was very tired because I escaped our yard twice by jumping the fence, and then I got to run around at Hunter and Lila's house in the afternoon (they have 12 acres). I very much enjoyed the s'mores and hope they are a fairly regular pack-tvity. Brooke was very interested. We think that was the first time she had ever seen a fire! She is so funny! My 2nd birthday is coming soon in November!