Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We welcome Autumn!!

Well, this was the most miserable summer we have had as a whole pack. We're expecting our 89th day of 100 degree temperatures today! Mom and Dad blabber on about this not being as hot as some place called "Feenicks" but we really do not care! To celebrate the fall, we took a nice, long hike over last weekend in the Purgatory Creek greenspace. It was still a bit hot, but we got out early enough that the temperatures were still under 75 for the two hours we walked. The photos show our adventure! Anyway, I look forward to the fall and winter so I can snuggle with my parents and all my other friends. Take it easy y'all!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kevin in the San Marcos Daily Record

Kevin's latest Research Article writing project, forthcoming in the Journal of Texas Music History, made the San Marcos Daily Record. It is unusual for academic work interesting, but Kevin does a great job of making sure his research is relevant to a broad audience, not just a few eggheds!

I'm so proud of him!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

2011 NFL Football Picks

These are coming pretty late this year so as to not interfere so much with the betting lines in Las Vegas. Not so much my predictions, but Julie has been such a shark over the past three years!

AFC East
Julie: New York Jets, New England, Miami, Buffalo
Kevin: New England, New York Jets, Miami, Buffalo

AFC North
Julie: Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland
Kevin: Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cleveland, Cincinnati

AFC South
Julie: Houston, Indianapolis, Tennessee, Jacksonville
Kevin: Houston, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Jacksonville

AFC West
Julie: San Diego, Kansas City, Denver, Oakland
Kevin: San Diego, Oakland, Denver, Kansas City

NFC East
Julie: Dallas, New York Giants, Washington, Philadelphia
Kevin: Dallas, Philadelphia, New York Giants, Washington

NFC North
Julie: Green Bay, Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit
Kevin: Green Bay, Detroit, Minnesota, Chicago

NFC South
Julie: New Orleans, Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa Bay
Kevin: New Orleans, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Carolina

NFC West
Julie: St. Louis, San Francisco, Seattle, Arizona
Kevin: Arizona, San Francisco, St. Louis, Seattle

Super Bowl
Julie: New York Jets over Green Bay Packers
Kevin: New England Patriots over New Orleans Saints