Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brooke as a Fashion Designer

So Kevin and I decided to have a night out before the semester began, so we went to the Round Rock Express baseball game (AAA). We left the dogs alone for about 5 hours to get to the game, have dinner, and watch the game. I asked Kevin to bring me some shorts so I could be a bit more comfy during the game, and he mistakenly left my closet open. His closet is always open, and he did not think a thing of it. Brooke, on the other hand, noticed something out of the ordinary and began exploring the closet that is usually off limits! She cannot reach the clothing on hangers or stacked on the shelves, but she did explore things on the floor. She sniffed around and found my green heels that are new and really have been seldomly worn. She even pulled them out of the shoebox to explore the footwear with her teeth. She made her fashion changes, and obviously decided they should have at least one peep-toe. She was so excited about this artistic and spatial freedom, that she also left two little yellow puddles. Ahhh, the joys of having a puppy in the house!


Monday, August 17, 2009

The Pointers Hit the Town

So, Mom got a call about a party on Saturday night. It was in Seguin, and it was a benefit for the Guadalupe County Animal Shelter. There was a band, named Milkbone that was really good and we got to see our trainer, Hepzibah, and Joy who works at Thunderpaws Canine Solutions. I was the clear choice to bring to this event, and because there was a band, Lazarus probably wouldn't have liked the loud music so Magellan came along. (Brooke is still working on her leash training and was immediately eliminated)

I was trying to show Magellan how to act cool. He did alright, but the kid has a lot to learn. Dad did pretty well, but Mom was a total goof as usual. She and Laz make a great pet partner pair! lol

Keepin' it real,


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Trip to Piedras Negras

On Saturday August 8, Julie and I went on a mission/ relief trip to Piedras Negras, Coahuila, on the south bank of the Rio Grande across from Eagle Pass, Texas. Our goals were twofold: to gather information for the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas on how local churches can help the Iglesia Angilcana El Buen Pastor, and to give out food in four of Piedras Negras' poorest neighborhoods. We went with Steve and Betty Roederer from the Diocese of West Texas, and Billy Hausser from St. Luke's Episcopal who already has a relationship with the Buen Pastor congregation.

We left San Marcos at 6:30 to rendezvous in San Antonio at 7:30. We arrived in Eagle Pass at about 10:00 AM and changed vehicles to cross the border. When we arrived at El Buen Pastor, we were greeted by Padre Miguel who explained his church and their mission focus which is to show love, and share the gospel message with the poorest people in Piedras Negras. As the photos show, these are shanty towns along the railroad right-of-way with little more than tar paper for walls and holey metal roofs. These are the neighborhoods where we distributed one pound sacks of beans and gave the children pencils.

We also visited the Casa Bethesda which is an orphanage for children with significant disabilities. This private facility, houses about 20 people aged 9 months through about 55 years old because many of the residents have been disowned or have no family to transition them into society, and they are not forced out of this facility. While many of the children are mute or have significant learning and physical disabilities, the smiles we saw here were often more numerous than in the poor neighborhoods where our sacks of beans were intended to help these people make it through the weekend.

Another big focus of El Buen Pastor is youth education. We sat in on part of a bible study that a subgroup of the church's youth participated. No matter the economic situation, the El Buen buildings were a safe haven where youth could relax and have a good time. Meals are often provided with Christian Education events and are likely the only hot meals with meat many of the children receive in a week.

Keep these people and this church in your thoughts and prayers. While the resources are limited, the Spirit is working in this place and bringing love, hope, and opportunities to people who seek and find in this place. Expect to see more updates on this blog as Julie and I plan to return with others to learn the story of this place. This church truly reflects the unselfish teachings of Christ as their church slogan is to come and worship; leave ready to serve.

Kevin and Julie

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Lazarus Birthday #5

I want to report that I had a marvelous birthday party last night. There were 21 people and 14 dogs at the event and I want to send out a blog shout out to all the pups in attendance: Lazarus, Moses, Magellan, Brooke, Annie, Jack, LeRoy, Lola, Candi, Daisy, Neeve, Dawson, Daisy, and Pumpi! I had so much fun playing with all the other dogs, eating cake, and visiting with the guests. Before my party, we went on our bi-weekly visit to the nursing home, and I was sereneded with Happy Birthday by the folks in the Memory Care Unit. Most everyone remembered that song, and I LOVED IT!

I was very tired today, but I did go for a walk, and I am looking forward to going to the Lake with Mom, Dad, and their new canoe. I also am eager to have Dad take me to Chick-fil-A on Monday so I can use my $5 gift card grandma sent from Florida. The photos show some play in the yard and the dog cake being cut.

Your pal,