Monday, August 17, 2009

The Pointers Hit the Town

So, Mom got a call about a party on Saturday night. It was in Seguin, and it was a benefit for the Guadalupe County Animal Shelter. There was a band, named Milkbone that was really good and we got to see our trainer, Hepzibah, and Joy who works at Thunderpaws Canine Solutions. I was the clear choice to bring to this event, and because there was a band, Lazarus probably wouldn't have liked the loud music so Magellan came along. (Brooke is still working on her leash training and was immediately eliminated)

I was trying to show Magellan how to act cool. He did alright, but the kid has a lot to learn. Dad did pretty well, but Mom was a total goof as usual. She and Laz make a great pet partner pair! lol

Keepin' it real,


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