Friday, April 30, 2010

Delta Certification #2

Hey, It's Moses here. Just wanted to exclaim that me and Dad are a pet partner team again. We had to renew our certification, and it went marvelously! Mom and Lazie also passed the test. The big difference is that Dad also passed with Laz-- so Laz can go with both parents (suck up), and Magellan passed with Mom. We were all so surprised and happy that Magelli passed. He tested in a workshop type setting with a bird nest present. He did his best to not obsess about the bird, but he did okay. This means that me and Laz can still go to the home and Laz and Magelli can go together when I don't feel like being social. Me and Magelli are also going to check into the kid reading program where they read to us to build up their reading confidence and aptitude. They'll all be better than Gelli and I!

Summer is coming which is a mixed blessing. The downside is that it gets really hot here in Texas-- uncomfortably hot! The upside is that we generally see more of Dad (and Mom too) since University-related activities slow down. Well, I better get back to sniffing and playing with Magellan!