Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just wanted to make sure that everyone saw Lazie's great jumping!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Swimming in February!

We were able to go swimming last weekend at the Comal River. With air temperatures in the high 70's and water temps in the low 70's, a refreshing dip was had by all members of the pack. Laz LOVES to leap into the water after his tennis ball. He is so sweet though because when one of the humans jump in, he watches and makes sure we come up OK. If we take too long under water, he comes looking for us. What a sweetheart. He is really starting to get some distance when he jumps in.

Moses is now comfortable with long retrieves. He has also started a new habit of swimming to the opposite shore to chase whatever is over there. Luckily, it is a wooded area, and he romps around over there until we can convince him to come back. He is starting to open up his paws to go faster in the water (his paws are webbed like a duck for swimming). Laz has already mastered this skill and is an extremely fast swimmer.

Of course, Kevin LOVES swimming, any time of year, and especially loves swimming with his water dogs. Be sure to click on the pictures to see them up close. It is worth it. Laz shaking off is especially funny.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's Day

Kevin and I attended a Sweetheart Dinner and Dance at our church for Valentine's Day. The event supported missions here and abroad. The dance raised over $5,000 dollars through a silent auction and offerings from attendees. Fortunately, one of our meal choices was pasta with meat sauce that was very good. We got to sit with our friends, Felicia and Matt, and Jamie and Dale at our table. I think all of us were a bit concerned about the median age of attendees for the party that ran from 5:30- 8:00. However, it was a good mix of people and we danced to some slow songs and got to speed it up later. It is often difficult to transition into a new congregation, but our transition into the St. John's flock has been smooth and rewarding. Praise God!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Moses" with Claire

This is Claire Garrett with her "Moses" toy. She is getting used to Moses as a toy, before she meets him for real. What a sweetie Claire is!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Moses' Favorite Spot

Moses loves to sit and sun himself on a little hill just beyond our back patio. He likes the higher ground because he can view his surroundings, and it gets some good midday sun to keep him warm. Because he never spent a whole winter up north, he much prefers the warm weather compared to Laz who likes the temperature around 45 F. A great afternoon for Moses is to chew a bone on his little hill in the Sun with a gentle breeze and a 75 F temperature.


Happy Birthday President Lincoln

To celebrate President Lincoln's 199th birthday, Kevin baked a yellow cake and David, Kevin and I went to Chisholm Trail BBQ for lunch. Lazarus and Moses especially love the yellow cake (as did I). Note Mosi's drool!


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Palmetto State Park

On Sunday instead of watching the useless Super Bowl, we went to Palmetto State Park near Gonzales. Ellen, Ross, and Jack came too. The park was virtually empty and the dogs got to burn off a lot of energy. The park is set along a low point of the San Marcos River and it is a swampy area which allows Palmettos to grow in the natural environment. As you might expect, Lazarus and Moses found the River and swimming the most fun part of the trip. Then, we had a late dinner over at Ellen and Ross's house and watched the 4th Quarter of the Super Bowl. As someone who detests the NY Giants, I was not happy with the outcome, but at least they beat a team I have no affection for. The league has been trying for years to get the Giants a championship from giving them 9 home games to awful officiating in the Cowboys game-- and the fix worked. The most important part of the day was how much fun we had at Palmetto State Park.

It's about time for baseball!

Go Rangers!