Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Palmetto State Park

On Sunday instead of watching the useless Super Bowl, we went to Palmetto State Park near Gonzales. Ellen, Ross, and Jack came too. The park was virtually empty and the dogs got to burn off a lot of energy. The park is set along a low point of the San Marcos River and it is a swampy area which allows Palmettos to grow in the natural environment. As you might expect, Lazarus and Moses found the River and swimming the most fun part of the trip. Then, we had a late dinner over at Ellen and Ross's house and watched the 4th Quarter of the Super Bowl. As someone who detests the NY Giants, I was not happy with the outcome, but at least they beat a team I have no affection for. The league has been trying for years to get the Giants a championship from giving them 9 home games to awful officiating in the Cowboys game-- and the fix worked. The most important part of the day was how much fun we had at Palmetto State Park.

It's about time for baseball!

Go Rangers!

1 comment:

tessa said...

your boys are so cute!
i can't wait till we have
a home with a yard so we can
get our yellow lab...
till then i'll live vicariously through your pups ;)

hope you two are doing well...
baseball season here we come!