Tuesday, January 29, 2008

MOSES is 2!

Happy Birthday to Moses!

I turned 2 and to celebrate, we had a Birthday Party! I invited all of my neighborhood friends to come over and have treats and cake. 38 of my human friends came and 15 of my canine friends. I think Chili and Laz had the best times. Chili likes to come over to my house and get cake and treats. He is the Weiner Dog in the photo and he jumps up and down even though he is 15 and has a broken back. He normally isn't quite that nimble (of course I am always nimble and able to jump very high). Chili and his sisters Whoopi and Maggie also had fun playing with the kids that were too little to play with me, which was pretty much all of them... but I got to play a little. There was this one little boy Alex, who I was able to push over so easily. He is much easier to knock over than Dad, which I find very interesting. I need to do more testing on this idea that some people are easier to knock over than others.

Anyway, I got to see Sarah who sometimes takes care of me and it was GREAT! I've missed her because she had a baby, Claire! My friend Dave and Kelly came by, and Kelly brought Emma who liked playing with Laz. Laz just kept running after his ball. Over and over again, throw and fetch. He would chase it for a n y o n e ! He was extremely tired afterwards. Oh - my vet came... she promised not poke or prod me so I allowed her to come in. I really like her, especially when I see her outside of the vet. Also in attendance were: Skye, Pudgin, Jack, Diva, Ginger, Mylie, Schnitzel, Sammy and Kacey. There were 3 Chocolate labs, but no other Pointers.

Mom made the cake that the dogs ate, and Dad made the human cake. My cake had carrots, honey, peanut butter, eggs and flour. The frosting was cream cheese! The human cake was shaped like Texas with a location marker where I am located.

Mom and Dad say I am starting to mind more - whatever that means, and I am getting to go swimming off my leash now. My birthday party was fun, but you don't need a party to come visit me!


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