Friday, October 20, 2006

Back to normal

Moses is home now and is quickly recovering from surgery. He was still a bit groggy yesterday, but was his usual pistol self this morning. On his walk, he jerked the leash out of Dad's hand and barrelled down the street to say Hi to Nancy and Whoopi. Last night, the boys were back in their sofa area looking out the window and then we all had some popcorn later in the evening. Laz loves popcorn and Moses even tried to eat the unpopped kernels left in Laz's bowl. He's still a bit hungry from not eating at all on Wednesday. The weekend looks good. Cooler weather and a soft, green carpet in the front of the house. We might bust out Laz's new soccer ball.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Surgery went well

Moses had his surgery this morning. We called the Vet who told us that he was restfully sleeping on his blanket as his medication was wearing off. He will stay overnight so that his wound has time to heal. Laz helped drop Mosi off at the vet and is enjoying spending quality time with Mom this afternoon.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lawn Update

Thanks to a wetter than normal October, our sod has taken root and is doing quite well. It takes a beating from the dogs and occasional games of football and fetch. Lazarus and Moses have been doing a good job keeping the deer off the grass. Moses has surgery tomorrow to be altered so keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


Sunday, October 15, 2006


On Saturday, Kevin and I went to the Texas A&M game in College Station on Kyle Field. Texas A&M is known for having the biggest stadium in Texas, and it is home of the 12th man... All the fans wear the jearsy number 12 and one guy (usually a walk on or someone who otherwise wouldn't play) on the team gets to wear 12 each week and plays on special teams. Also, their mascott is Reveillerie, a collie (lassie like) who gets to parade around on the field and barks at the band. I liked her. We had a great time. Kevin got a foam finger for his birthday and proudly pointed for each first down. It was very crowded in the stands and quite hot. I also especially enjoyed the song we sang about sawing the horns off the longhorns! It was a great time and we had a fabulous dinner afterwards at a steak house. Kevin's steak was HUGE! I had chicken fried chicken. Aunt June and Uncle Bill checked in on Laz and Moses during the day.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Have a good weekend

The hot weather has seemed to have broken, so we plan on playing a lot and running around chasing deer and birds. Moses almost snagged a chicken on a farm last night, but we were just happy that Dad brought some bbq chicken home for us from Southwest Market. Laz is looking forward to watching the Sioux Hockey Team on tv tonight. He remembers meeting Chris Porter, Drew Stafford, and Robbie Bina. Moses is nuts about football and has become a very skilled defensive back and tackled Dad after a great completion from QB Mom. Laz specializes in pass rush and interior defense looking for the big hit or fumble. Anyway, have a great weekend and thanks to Uncle Chris for sending that package via UPS. We didn't get into the truck this time, but it's always good to see people representin' in brown!

Lazarus and Moses

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No GSP puppies

Moses had a bump over his eye for about a week, and Julie took him to the Vet yesterday to have it checked out. It was diagnosed as skin mainge and the Vet recommended having Moses neutered because it is hereditary. Moses is fine and the illness is not contagious so Lazarus will not get it, but Moses will have his surgery on October 18. He will also have to get "dipped" six times to cure the skin infection. He will not like that too much. We are happy that this is curable and he is in no pain, but we are sad that our plans to breed Moses will have to be scrapped. Lazarus is enjoying every degree cooler it is getting. He popped the second football of the season last night. I think he and Moses were upset because they lost 5-0 after Julie's stellar quarterbacking. They had won both games on Sunday.


Friday, October 06, 2006

From Mosi's perch

As I look out of my window over the beautiful Texas Hill County, I am struck by the seeming change in season that is coming. There are more birds in the area looking for nesting sites for a warm winter. The deer are fattening up for the winter and seem slower (or maybe I am getting faster). The Crape Myrtle's leaves are turning, and in the air--the smell of pumpkin pie is replacing Bill's fajitas and Dad's Labor Day bloodburgers as the U.S. Open is a topic of boring adult conversationin the background. We have been told of a few upcoming visits from friends and family that I am totally looking forward to. May God bless you in this season and in the many seasons to come.



Lazie's thoughts on the week

Well, it has been one of the best weeks I can remember. I made friends with Sarah and Gary who were here until Tuesday. I went swimming with them and with Mom and Dad on his birthday. Swimming twice! I had a lot of fun with Dad on his birthday. I helped him open presents and got to play with some of the toys. The glow-in-the-dark football is my favorite. I have had three different kinds of cake: Gary's birthday cake from HEB, Dad's birthday cake from Baskin-Robbins, and Dad's cake that June made. I love sweets. The weekend looks promising as our sod is looking good so we might get more chances to play on the nice turf. Here are two recent photos of me. Have a great weekend everyone.

Your pal,


My birthday!

Thanks to all who helped make my birthday fun and special. A big thanks especially goes to Julie who managed most of the activities, Lazarus who loves parties and celebrations, and Moses who likes to party hard and have fun. I received a lot of fun gifts and cards. Some of the notable gifts came from Laz and Moses who both gave me a football. They love playing football and wear out the ball pretty quickly. I also got a disc golf net that Lazarus loves. It reminds him of halcyon days in Lincoln Drive Park and slobbering on the discs. Moses especially liked the card I received from Kristen, Jeff, and Ginger that played "Bad to the Bone" when it opened. He even ran back from chasing deer when he heard the music. Well, I better get back to work since I am a bit behind since I took yesterday off.