Sunday, October 15, 2006


On Saturday, Kevin and I went to the Texas A&M game in College Station on Kyle Field. Texas A&M is known for having the biggest stadium in Texas, and it is home of the 12th man... All the fans wear the jearsy number 12 and one guy (usually a walk on or someone who otherwise wouldn't play) on the team gets to wear 12 each week and plays on special teams. Also, their mascott is Reveillerie, a collie (lassie like) who gets to parade around on the field and barks at the band. I liked her. We had a great time. Kevin got a foam finger for his birthday and proudly pointed for each first down. It was very crowded in the stands and quite hot. I also especially enjoyed the song we sang about sawing the horns off the longhorns! It was a great time and we had a fabulous dinner afterwards at a steak house. Kevin's steak was HUGE! I had chicken fried chicken. Aunt June and Uncle Bill checked in on Laz and Moses during the day.

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