Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No GSP puppies

Moses had a bump over his eye for about a week, and Julie took him to the Vet yesterday to have it checked out. It was diagnosed as skin mainge and the Vet recommended having Moses neutered because it is hereditary. Moses is fine and the illness is not contagious so Lazarus will not get it, but Moses will have his surgery on October 18. He will also have to get "dipped" six times to cure the skin infection. He will not like that too much. We are happy that this is curable and he is in no pain, but we are sad that our plans to breed Moses will have to be scrapped. Lazarus is enjoying every degree cooler it is getting. He popped the second football of the season last night. I think he and Moses were upset because they lost 5-0 after Julie's stellar quarterbacking. They had won both games on Sunday.


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