Thursday, November 08, 2007

Gracie the houseguest!

Last night a sweet beagle puppy came over. She was lost and Moses and I told her she could stay at our house. Dad brought her inside and she was so thirsty. When Mom came home, we ran out to tell her that we had a guest. Dad carried her outside and Mom gave her a big hug. I was secretly hoping that she wouldn't finish all her dinner, but she ate every morsel. She must have been hungry because she isn't very big. She is a really small beagle. I really didn't mind having her around though. She minded me and didn't act too crazy or anything. Mom just kept saying how "tolerant" she was, whatever that means. She snuggled with Dad on the couch and slept in the bedroom with us on a pillow. She slept next to Moses and stayed out of my sleeping area. Since we didn't know her name, Mom and Dad called her Toots.

This morning on our walk, we stopped and visited Shoes and Socks, also beagles. I have never seen shoes and socks so excited, they knew they looked alike. I took that opportunity to check out Shoes and Socks' living area. It's nice, and I liked their igloo. Anyway, our friend Nancy seemed to recognize "Gracie" and helped us find her Mom. She was happy to go home, but I think she had a good time with us too! (Especially since I was such a good boy). It turns out that she has a younger Chocolate Lab brother named Duke. That must be why she liked me and followed me around. I made sure to keep an eye on her while she stayed with us.

For my efforts, I got to have some fabulous Americone Dream Ice Cream. It is Stephen Colbert's favorite ice cream and I like him.

Your Pal,

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