Monday, November 19, 2007

Texas State Tailgate

On Thursday, we decided to go to the Texas State football game against the rival Sam Houston State. David came along and made a pot roast for the tailgate which was great especially in the colder weather. We ate and talked for a while and then went over to meet Dr. Augustin and had a drink with him on our way into the stadium. Notice, I came prepared with my "game face" on. We had good seats-- 9 rows up on the 41 yard line. Texas State played really well for 3 quarters but blew a 14 point lead and lost by one point. The game was exciting though and Julie enjoyed using her foam paw for indicating when Texas State earned a first down. Because of scheduling conflicts, it was the first game we went to, but it was the last game on their schedule. On Thanksgiving night, the big game will be Arizona State versus USC.


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