Thursday, March 29, 2007


The Bluebonnets have bloomed. I love romping in them. Mom had the bright idea that we would take our pictures in them since they are so pretty. Also, since Laz is so dark, it is hard to find good places to take his picture. I, however, look good almost anyhwere. This morning while on our walk, we stopped at my friend Kim's house ( a husky who always meanly barks at me, but I try to play with her anyway!)because she has lots of bluebonnets near her house by the road. Mom and Dad took Lazie's picture first because he gets hot and his tongue hangs out. (Again, I do not do that so I agreed to go second) When it was my turn, I walked out into the bluebonnets, sat for a bacon treat and felt something tingly...then prickery on my paw. I saw lots of crawly things and tried to get them off... Dad kept calling my name to look at him but I couldn't stop these crawly things. Mom finally took a close look and started to get upset, ushered me to the road, and started wiping off all the crawlys...she called fireants. I hope my picture came out!! (sadly we did not get a picture of Moses)

After that, I got to run around as fast as I could in the empty lots. WHAT FUN!!


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