Thursday, March 29, 2007

Red Bud Isle - the happiest place on Earth

Mom and Dad took us to Red Bud Isle - my favorite place - last weekend. I just LOVE it there. It is a park where I don't have to wear my leash, I can get away from Moses, Dad plays with me, and Mom keeps track of us. I can run around as much as I want, but mostly I like to stay in the water. Around every turn there is a new beach to explore. I can beat just about any other lab there to any tennis ball - whether Dad threw it or not! I was the only dog who would swim out really far to retrieve the ball. There were lots of friends there too, and the other humans are usually really nice. Moses just runs around like a mad man, but my approach is much more calculated since there is so much fun to be had. I don't want to miss ANYTHING!

I am in the water in one of the pictures... you have to look to see me!

Your Pal,

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