Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Crossroads Americana Party

On Sunday, KNBT 92.1 (Radio New Braunfels) held a free concert in Landa Park. Julie, Sarah, the Boys, and I decided to go because it was a perfect day and Two Tons of Steel was slated to perform. The park was very crowded, so we parked at the Panther Canyon Trailhead and walked down the Canyon to the pavillion. Laz and Mosi were very excited and it took them about an hour to calm down. We were so proud of Lazie though because he usually does not like amplified music at all. The concert was fun, but the best thing was when they drew the grand prize which was a free trip to Puerto Vallarta. They announced the winner at it was "Julie Romig of New Braunfels!" She claims that she will take me, but nevertheless I am excited for her. Julie works next to Ascot Travel and entered seven times. She can tell you more details, but we are off to California tomorrow for a conference. The Boys will be at home with Sarah. We are hoping for the best...

The pictures are:
Two Tons of Steel performing
Julie and Sarah at the concert
Moses eyeing the food of Mr. Jackson who he met and befriended at the concert. (mainly because of his cheese he shared with him and Laz.)


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