Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Trip to AAG Conference

We spent a few days in San Francisco to attend the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting where Kevin presented in two different sessions. It was a short trip and we stayed in the evenings with Sean and Tracey who live near Golden Gate Park. It was great to see them, and to be in a place where I fit in better, ideologically speaking.

The conference was a success and session attendees noted that Kevin's session regarding technology in Urban Geography was the most useful session they had been to in years. He was also able to speak about the Neo-liberal city in his paper session along with 9 other presenters in a special organized session.

We skipped out on the conference to do a few fun things like eat in Chinatown, go to the beach at Ocean Beach (the end of the Judah line near Tracey and Sean's place) and catch a San Francisco Giant's game (the one of three where Barry Bonds didn't hit a homerun). We FROZE at the game and I think my North Dakota tolerance for cold is wearing off.

We were happy to get back to Lazarus, Moses and Sarah though and get back to the normal routine.


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