Monday, April 30, 2007

Lazaurs Wins the Grand Prize

On Saturday, the City of New Braunfels had a Doggie Dip day where dogs were allowed in the Spring Fed pool at Landa Park. It is my estimation that this was DOG HEAVEN for the dogs who attended. Lazarus spent 99% of his time swimming and Moses swam about half of the time while running at large the other half. Needless to say, both boys had a WONDERFUL time at the event. A special thank you to the City of New Braunfels Park Department for putting it on.

The big news from the Doggie Dip day was that Lazarus won grand prize at the Trick Contest. He showed off his sit, shake, high five, stay, come, heel and sit all without a treat! He was so happy to show everyone all the things he could do, he won everyone there over. What a sweetheart. Moses also participated with his sit and shake. He did a very good job as well, but Lazarus won the GRAND PRIZE and got a bag full of doggie goodies. We are so proud of him!

Other notable events were Lazie swimming over to the platform in the middle of the pool (farther than any other dog), Moses stealing a very little pair of shorts that ironically had some treats in the pocket (Approx 2T in size). Moses stealing a stuffed animal from an infant and Lazie showing off his jumping/diving skills in the pool. A good time was had by all!

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Marbles Macaroni's Mom said...

I am so, so happy that your entire pack enjoyed our first Doggie Dip Day at Landa Park!!! Your blog is so heartwarming to a big-time dog lover like me - I have a black lab-ish mix, a blue-eyed beagle mix and another that can only be described as "spare parts!"
We have puppy education coming up this summer in Landa Park and plan to have another Doggie Dip Day towards the end of the summer.
I really loved the last line on the blog entry at the bottom of your page and wish the same for all of you!
Sheri Reinhold
Marketing Coordinator
New Braunfels Park & Recreation
(We're still working on a dog park!)