Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Praying for Myanmar

While this blog is usually reserved for more light-hearted entries about the dogs and fun activities, I want people to be aware a bit more about the on-going situation in Myanmar. This is a state currently run by a rogue regime who disregarded the results of the last national election in 1990. They are kept afloat by unscrupulous corporations who pay for leases to explore for natural gas and oil. A famous dissident and peace advocate (who won the Nobel Peace Prize) in the 1990s has been under arrest for over 10 years. Because of tremendous crony-ism, the government was in debt-- so they decided to raise the price of diesel 500% in August to create more revenue. This brought another groundswell of animosity toward the junta or illegitimate regime. To deal with this groundswell, the militia has brutally retaliated towards the dissidents killing at least hundreds of individuals and forcing many of their political opponents into hiding. Taking up the cause lately have been many Buddhist monks who have marched on Rangoon in non-violent manners to bring attention to the corruption and brutality of the government. The monks have also been slaughtered. As Christians, our pack is heartbroken thinking about the pain and suffering of the population and the monks. Our government is not in a position to proactively help because we do not have diplomatic relations with Myanmar and do not recognize their current government. We simply ask for prayer and thoughts for a peaceful resolution to this world crises.


Sources: CIA factbook, NY Times, Wikipedia, CNN

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