Monday, October 01, 2007

A fun weekend (Lazarus)

Well, Moses gave you his two cents, but here's the highlights from last weekend. First, we all went tubing on the Guadalupe River on Friday morning. I had so much fun swimming, sitting in the tube with Dad, and shooting the rapids! Second, on Saturday morning, we went to Pet Fest in San Marcos. Mosi did win a basketball, but we also scored three frisbees and numerous treats! Dad and I ran in the 1 mile fun run and I took two swimming breaks! I also got to say hello to a lot of cute girls who were helping with the event. Then, I hung out for a while with the Heart of Texas Labrador Rescue folks who knew what a great specimen I am! After we all went to the exhibits and went to the Pet Blessing, me, Mom and Dad went swimming in the San Marcos. The water was too cold for Mosi. Then, Saturday evening, Mom and Dad were really happy-- something about the Longhorns losing? On Sunday night, we all got to go to a party and that was a lot of fun. It was at a friends house, and most of the people there liked me and Moses. The whole weekend was a total blast. Although we were tired!

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