Monday, October 08, 2007

Birthday trip to North Padre Island

I got to take a trip on my birthday to the beach. For six years (4 in AZ and 2 in ND) that was not very easy to do, so I took advantage of my opportunity this year. The air temperature was about 89 and the water temp was 83. The water was clear and pretty rough for the Gulf. We took Laz and Moses along who absolutely love the beach. Once we crossed the causeway bridge (about 20 minutes before we got to our destination) the boys were in a hyper state of enthusiasm and excitement. Laz loves swimming and we played a lot of football in the shallow water. He was able to play and not get too hot. Moses loves swimming, but he also likes chasing the seagulls and other shore birds. Julie also had fun in the waves and watching Moses burn thousands of calories running along the beach. We drive in the 4X4 section of the beach so as to not disturb other beach-goers with the dogs and their occasional poor manners. We went for the day and were home before the sun was down.


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