Monday, October 08, 2007

Trip to WRR

Julie also set up a visit for us over the weekend to the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in the Hill Country. Our main mission was to meet Guiseppe (See posting from Aug. 23). We got a special tour of the facility and got to meet and greet the animals who wanted to visit with us. The first photo is of Guiseppe and Mary the donkeys who aren't terribly friendly. I got within about 3 feet of them and that was as close as they were comfortable with. A large, juvenile cow came up to me and wanted to play and have me scratch their horns which I did. It was the largest being I have ever played with and they wanted to play a game of push which was not easy for me. It was a great morning to spend with animals who are getting a chance to relax and have an enjoyable retirement.


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