Thursday, December 28, 2006

An Eventful Christmas

Hi, Laz here. I really enjoyed Christmas this year because we had a lot of visitors who brought sniffs from far away places I have not been. I had to teach Mosi how to open presents with help from Dad. I got a can of tennis balls, lots of treats, a few squeek toys, and best of all we played some football with Marc who is really good. I also got to play a little tug with Larry. There was also a little girl who did not like going to bed at night, so I sat outside her room as she cried to let her know I cared. Another fun thing was when my friend Bill came over the day after Christmas to help take photos. He even let me get in the pictures taken outside. I think Moses was off in another yard tracking some bird-- those darn pointers! Another fun thing we did was that Mom, Dad, Mosi and I took some Christmas cookies and candy to the Smithermans over on Apex. They have been under the weather a lot this year and enjoyed our brief visit. I also got to see many of the Muellers on our walk! I just love seeing folks out on our walks. If you see me coming, come out and say Hi.

Your pal,


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