Thursday, December 28, 2006

My 1st Christmas

I love this thing called Christmas. There were lots of treats, presents, bones and lots of guests. Since I am such an excited dog, I had to try by best to contain myself of all my excitement. I may have knocked a few people over and accidntely opened a present that was not mine, but despite my timeouts, I think I could get used to Christmas.
When Bill came in to take some family photos, I wanted to make sure to get in one, so I went for the softy area-- Marc and Dad. The photo is blurry because I think Bill was laughing at my zeal. My birthday party is next month, and I think I will have fun at that event since my buddy Gunner will be there too. He's also a German Shorthair pointer and is excited like I am a lot of the time.

Energetically yours,


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