Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Magellan's Musings

Hi everyone! I'm Magellan, and I want to write about how I am fitting in with my new family. I really like it, and I love getting two regular meals per day! Like Lazie and Mosi, I have my bowl raised off the ground. I got a little spaghetti in with my kibble in this photo.

Laz and Mosi like to play baseball in the backyard and run after the ball after it is hit? They seem to like it, but I don't get it? I like chasing the ball a time or two, but I prefer looking in all the trees to see if a cat, squirrel, or bird happens to show themselves. I have entertained other people at the dog park with my ability to jump around the trunk of a tree trying to get squirrels.

I also like the furniture in my new home. Sometimes I sneak up on my Mom and Dad's bed and take a nap. I usually sleep in my crate at night, but the bed is fine for my naps. I also am enjoying the sofas and playing on them. I can leap from one to another and like to show off my athletic talents while playing and wrestling with Moses and Wiggles. Even Laz has played with me a time or two! Anyway, I wanted to let you know how well I like my new home.


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GRACE said...

I am still not sure I like you!