Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alaska Trip

Julie and I went to Alaska last week. I was attending the American Water Resources Association conference on Water Supply and Climate Change where I presented a paper with my colleague Laura Stroup. Julie just came along for fun.

The conference was in Anchorage which was nice. We rented bicycles and rode the coastal trail which has a great view of Mt. McKinley. Once the conference ended, we rented a car and drove to Homer which was awesome. On the way to Homer, we had a great view of Mt. Redoubt which is currently an active volcano. It was releasing a decent amount of ash, but it did not affect our travels at all. In Homer, bald eagles were all over the place. Mainly, they just hung out around the beach. We also took a boat ride to Gull Island to see some puffins. After Homer, we drove to Seward and spent most of the day at Exit Glacier and with sled dogs. We even took a sled ride pulled by the dogs. They sure are good at what they do!

We saw four moose, two lynx, beavers, a harbor seal, numerous fish and bird species, but Julie was partial to the dogs! It was a really nice trip.


Photos: Julie and I at Exit Glacier. From the dog sled. Biking the coastal trail

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