Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mutt Strutt - Guest Contributor

Hello, my name is Prissy and I am available for adoption at the San Marcos Animal Shelter. I just had the best day last Saturday. Myself and 2 other dogs were selected out of all the other dogs at the shelter to attend Mutt Strutt, a fundraiser for the Animal Shelter where I now live. I got to meet lots of great other dogs, and go on a nice walk. I just couldn't wait to meet everyone! I even got to lead the pack for the Mutt Strutt Parade. It was such a great time, and so nice to be out of the shelter for the morning. My friend, Julie, volunteered to hold my leash during the parade, and I minded my manners so well. I walked with my new friend, Lazarus, together with Julie. I even got to wear a special vest.

Well, if you know anyone who wants a loving companion, my name is Prissy, and I'm at the San Marcos Shelter. Love You!


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