Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Doggie Dip Day, Spring 2009

Moses and I got to go to Doggie Dip Day at the spring-fed pool in New Braunfels. I loved it! I got excited when Dad put on my collar that I swim in, and then I got super excited when we exited the freeway in NB. I started barking when we got to the Courthouse, and was focused on swimming and fetching tennis balls. For the next three hours, I swam, I fetched, I jumped in the water, I peed, and swam some more. I was so tired that I slept in the car on the ride home and even let Moses put his head on my hip.

Moses had a different experience than I. He swam and fetched the tennis ball for about 20 minutes, but he preferred the playground and the sand. He was excited to see his veterinarian, Dr. Long. I however, was too busy to really acknowledge her like I usually do. Moses also made friends with the park board workers and they awarded him with a fun toy! Anyway, enjoy the photos from the event and make sure to take time to go swimming this summer!

Your pal,


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