Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Grace Update


I just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing well. I have discovered a few new places to hang out along with my favorites (barstool, my basket, grass, roof and Laz' bed). I have been sleeping with Moses lately because it is cold at night and I need to warm up - he of course is already in Mom and Dad's bed at the time. Mom and Dad have been tired lately - something about not getting enough sleep. I also enjoy going on walks with everyone around the Circle. That usually tires me out though, and then I need a nap. Mom and Dad don't feed me enough - I am just sure of it. They say I am on something called a diet, and I think this diet idea is totally lame. I let them know too in the morning when I get my food.

Laz is still sorta scared of me, and I have been trying to engage him while he plays fetch. It is very easy to predict where he will go after Mom or Dad throws the ball. I use that knowledge to then pounce toward him and the ball. I find it very entertaining.


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