Sunday, January 25, 2009


From antiquity, we get the quote, "Carpe Diem." That was me yesterday, baby! So, I had this drop dead awesome birthday party. So many of my pals came over and it was so good to hang-- although I couldn't figure out why they all got some of my cake? I got kind of snarky about that, but most everything else was really great. I got to blow a lot of steam off with my neighborhood pals like Dinah, Lily, Nieve, Jakie, and my other GSP friend Leroy. I got to see some old friends like Schnitzel, Scooter, Hazel, and Barkley. Some new pals showed up like Cocoa, Puddin, Pie, Gracie, Bella, and Annie. And toward the end, I got to relax with my pal Jack.

As the pictures show, I was very interested in the cake as was Leroy. And you thought Labs liked to eat-- let me tell you Pointers don't turn away cake. I want to thank all the people for coming to my party and for making me feel so special as I turn 3.


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Susan said...

I love the different takes on the party. I can't believe there were 46 people and 20 dogs! You're very brave people.