Saturday, January 03, 2009

BCS to the trash

Well, another college football season, and another disappointing finish. The BCS is totally crummy and it continues to solve no problems. What it effectively does is ruin the bowl season by dragging it out way too long and awards a bogus championship. Many of you are probably thinking that a rant about USC is coming, but it is not. Their heinous loss to Oregon State is too much to overcome in a year when Utah went undefeated. However, this team who beat Michigan, Oregon State, TCU, and Alabama was left out. This is an absolute travesty. Their non-conference schedule was far superior to Texas who is crying foul. Hey Longhorns, shut up!

Now, there seem to be two popular solutions to this continual BCS mess. First, the Plus 1 format. This is a total joke. You'd have five BCS Bowls and the best two teams after those games would play. Hmm, how would this solve this year's problem...The Oklahoma vs. Florida winner would play?? Texas, Utah, USC??? This is a half-assed solution. Then there is the 8 team playoff that even Barak Obama has suggested would work. Hell, if Obama says its so-- then it must be the solution. This would solve nothing this year. How do you choose the 8 teams? Based on BCS rank? Let's see, this would mean that Texas Tech and Boise State would have been left out. Boise was undefeated, and Tech beat Texas and had only one loss. But, the 8 team playoff really means that the super-conferences would each get a slot. This means that the crap-assed Big Ten and Big East would send a loser representative and Virginia Tech would get in so it would bump Boise, Tech, Texas, and either Alabama or Utah. The 8 team playoff solution would only entrench the power of the super-conferences and solve very little.

Thus, there are really only 2 options.

1. Just go back to the way it was before the BCS. All bowls were meaningful and played before mid January! So what if the championship was split or controversial. It just gives sports radio more to talk about.

2. Go to either a 12 or 16 team playoff. This way, you can have the super-conferences get their automatic bids and have enough open slots for the smaller conference teams and others who had perhaps an unfortunate loss or two early make it in. There would still be some controversy about the at-large bids, but it would be from further down in the polls than the top 10.

If you feel strongly like I, please refrain from watching the lousy Fiesta Bowl and the phony BCS title game this year. Instead, end your college football season the right way, with the memory of Utah kicking the pants off of Saban and Alabama even when the refs were trying to give Bama the game. The season should end with a decisive victory by an undefeated football team walking off the field.


ps-- pitchers and catchers will be reporting soon.

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