Friday, August 01, 2008

Lazarus' Birthday Party (4)

Laz is a bit fatigued so I will write the entry for his party. We celebrated tonight even though his birthday is technically Sunday. It was a hot evening, but still we had 28 people and 7 dogs. As usual, we had two cakes, one for people and one for dogs. One of the photos is of Laz and his pals eating the dog cake. Another photo is the sign Julie made to guide our guests to the new abode. The final shot is an overall shot, but it may be the first dog birthday picture I have been in because I am usually the photographer. As usual, Lazarus brought very different people together as we had guests under 10 and over 80 years old. A lot of his new neighborhood pals came by!
Grace mainly stayed in the bedroom because having 7 dogs in the house was a bit overwhelming. Her friend Emma came and played with her and pulled a shoelace around which Grace loves!


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