Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Independence Weekend

The pack was busy over the holiday weekend. On the evening of July 3, Dad and Mom went to some concert up near Dallas. It was the opening of Willie's Place-- a truck stop and concert pavilion in one. They got to see a free concert featuring Ray Price, Merle Haggard, and as pictured Willie Nelson. They got home way too late, but they made up for it by having some ice cream before bed.

The next day, we had a super time at Alison's house along the Guadalupe River. I love swimming, tubing, fetching, and playing in the water! We had so much fun that I convinced the pack to go back the next day too! Moses was in charge of local security and took his job very seriously, and I was in charge of water activities and keeping everyone happy. We got to eat some wonderful brisket and chicken too. It was fabulous.

Your pal,


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Alison said...

Lazie you are fabulous!!! You and the rest of your pack are welcome anytime! Thanks for coming over and keeping us all entertained- a fun time was had by all!