Monday, July 14, 2008

Grace's Surgery

I had surgery last week because I had a broken tail. I am not sure how it got broken, but Mom took me to the vet and Dr. Long gave me a nub so that I could be like Mosi. I like my new family, but those big dogs take some getting used to. The big all brown one is pretty nice and really stays out of my way. The spotted one is really funny to watch and he wants to play with me a lot, but I still get a little scared because he is so big and fast.

I prefer hanging out with Dad. He is nice and lets me sit on him, sleep with him, and hang out. Mom is great too, but she is the one who took me to the vet so I am still not sure about her true motives. I am very curious to find things out about my new surroundings. Overall, we are all getting along well and doing our best to survive another summer in Texas.



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