Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pawverbs and Pet Partners

Moses here...
Last night was so fun! A bunch of people and dogs came over to visit. My buddies Sky and Pudgin were here as well as Tuco, Maile and Xena (Laz may have a crush on Tuco) and I met a new buddy, Mader. Mader is a 7 month old Bloodhound and we played so hard! We played and played and ran all over the house bumping into things and flopping around. It was a BLAST! Everyone else was sitting and listening to a really nice lady speak. My attention span isn't too great, so I didn't hear all of it, but it was something about dogs getting to go visit people in hospitals and schools. I think that would be fun! Maybe that is why mom made me heel with her this morning on our walk. Anyway, all the humans seemed to have a great time and I know I had fun so all is good! Since I heeled so well this morning, Mom and Dad said I could go with them to Oklahoma! Yeehaw!

Mom wanted me to add that if you want to know more about Pet Partners, Delta Society or visiting people and places in need with your dog, click on the links below!
Delta Society and Pet Partners San Antonio
Delta Society National Site


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