Monday, July 02, 2007

Our new truck

Hello, it's Mosi again. Wow! What a weekend. On Friday, Mom and Dad took us for a long walk and then went out for a long time. When they came back, they smelled a bit funny and kept talking about Chevy this and Toyota that. I had no clue what they were discussing, but we got some BBQ scraps for dinner. Then, we washed and vacuumed the Pathfinder. On Saturday morning, we went for a run, and then Mom and Dad left with a calculator and a folder and came home with this awesome truck! I love it! I love the cab, the bed, the smell, and the 4 wheel drive capability. Laz likes it too. Dad and Mom took us for a ride around New Braunfels. Then, last night Dad made some homemade dog biscuits with garlic salt and Old Bay seasoning. I love 'em! Then, we delivered some to our friends and walked around the neighborhood. We got to go into Jack's house! I wanted a piece of Sneakers the cat, but Jack kept me away. Then we headed over to Skye and Pudgin's and hung out in their backyard. Then, we dropped some off for Ginger and then came home. It was so fun! If you see me in the pickup with my head out the window, give me a wave!

Take it easy,


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