Monday, May 21, 2007

I officially love Texas

Texas is so fun because it has these things called ranches. We got to go to one this past weekend and it was WONDERFUL! I didn't know what I was in store for when we drove in the car to the "ranch" but when we got to the gate, I couldn't contain myself, and I jumped out the 1/2 open window, circumnavigated the car two times and jumped back in the 1/2 open window. When Mom finally got the gate open, we drove for a little while and I was so excited becuase there was so much to explore. When we finally stopped, I busted out of the car and ran around the big grassy area as long as I could. Then I saw my friend Dave and ran some more. Laz and I got to explore and play with our tennis ball. Dad took us down to the Blanco river and I was the first in! It was pretty shallow where I was and I splashed around. Lazie swam too. Then we got to play some more and eat bites of steak from Dad under the table. I did get a little startled at these flying light things - mom and dad called fireflys. I barked at some kyakers and then we all watched a movie. I snuggled with my new friend Dave and snored during the movie. I LOVE TEXAS!


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