Monday, May 21, 2007

I love chicken

Hi - Lazie here. I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell everyone how much I love chicken. I think I get it from my human dad because he loves chicken too. One night he cooked this huge plate of chicken. I was so excited. I couldn't figure out why we weren't eating it though... hmm... instead mom and dad took these pictures. One is of Moses who laid down as flat as he could to get a piece of chicken (he likes it too). Dad cut of the chicken and put it into a big bowl and he made some soup. I LOVE CHICKEN SOUP! I love the chicken, the noodles, and the broth. In the picture, you can see my new silver rabies tag. I had such a good time at the vet when I got my updated vaccinations.

I have been enjoying our morning walks a lot lately. More people have been out lately, and I love seeing Jennifer, Ed (who once thought my name was Lucifer), Ellen and Jack, and even my friend Jim from Gruene UMC stopped to say hi in his red pick-up. I have so many friends in the neighborhood. I wish I could go to the HOA meeting tonight, but Mom said that dogs couldn't come.

Your pal,


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