Monday, February 05, 2007


Over the last three Sundays, a few friends have been coming over to play. It is a lot of fun. I overheard Mom talking about it and I guess it is a "small group" of people that come over from our church-- Gruene United Methodist. I guess I am listed as a pet host because it is a group for dog lovers called Pawverbs. The dogs get to play for about an hour and then the humans (usually Dad) reads a passage from Proverbs. They talk about it for a while, and then we get to play again after some rest. It is a lot of fun-- even more fun than when Mosi and I got to go to the outdoor church service at Calvary Lutheran in North Dakota. I have provided a few pictures of the group. Also, if you haven't heard, the Vet weighed me about 2 weeks ago at 96 pounds. As you can see from the pictures, I am not overweight, but my chest is bigger and I think I look pretty tough. Even Moses is not messing with me as much lately. Don't let the image surprise you though, I am still a lover just as ever. Stop by some time with a treat, and I will give you a nice wet kiss! I gotta go take a nap, I heard rumors about a trip to the River this afternoon!

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